Antiba – prasowe reklamy pudru

Seria reklam prasowych pudru Antiba, prasa ilustrowana, późne lata trzydzieste XX w.

The series of Antiba powder ads from illustrated magazines, late 1930’s.

[Why to keep such a lovely face behind cards?  Using Antiba powder, you are looking charmingly even at the bridge lasting till the morning.]
[With the fox you looks beautiful, but it would be a hundred times more nicely, if for you didn’t cover your lovely face with such a fresh complexion.  Only an Antiba powder is ensuring such a complexion.]
[Ah these fruits!  It is necessary to take them off the table, because are covering the view for us for you.  So pretty and matt complexion you could have only then, when you constantly are using Antiba powder which is uncomparable.]
[You are still reading and covering the face.  We ask to put the book back, because is pleasantly to look at you.  Since you are constantly using Antiba powder, your complexion is really ravishing.]
[The more transparent veil would be more appropriate.  We could then delight our eyes with the view of your miraculous complexion.  You owe such a complexion to permanent using Antiba powder.]


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